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Welcome to Newport Cleaners! a family owned business located in Crosby, Texas. We provide expert cleaning and care for all types of garments. Our employees are valuable and are friends and family. And although it’s intensive labor, it gives us great pride knowing that our customers can trust us with their favorite clothes.

Boot & Shoe Repair

 We offer great shoe repair services including repairs on high heels, resoling dress shoes, work boots, cowboy boots, repair on zippers, gluing soles and heels.


Leave your clothes in our hands and we’ll handle with care. We take pride in being part of a business that provides people with fresh clothes. Shirt laundry is a great way to look sharp in your business attire. We want to make sure you look professional for work and for events. Our dry cleaning in Crosby, Texas keeps your brights, bright, your whites, white, and your smile, wide.

Garment Services 

From dry cleaning and laundering to pressing and alterations, Newport Cleaners offers dry cleaning services in Crosby Texas, we can handle all of your garment needs.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on a High Standard of Quality and Consistency. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and Individuality and not in mass production nor being a number.